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Golden Engine - FX 
Expert's Pool

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Golden Engine - VIP

Money Tracker  VIP Channel 

🔰 Join with  Epic Trader's 
🔰 Earn & learn in same Time
🔰 Signal's Risk : Reward 1 : 3
🔰 Most  Of Signals - 0 Draw Down 
🔰 Most Professional Analysis in the market
🔰 more than 5 Reason For Buy / Sell's 


 You Can Check all VIP Channel's Before Pay

VIP PLAN - Risk Management 

We will  better on profit-taking mechanism
The deal will be only 1: 2
It will be completely closed at the second goal
One trade will be the gain = double the loss
Meaning if we went out in winning 5 profit trades and 2 losses
Our profit rate will be 40%.
When the price reaches the first target
50% of the stop loss will be cut
For example, if the stop loss is 50 pip, the first target is 50 pip, and the second target is 100 pip
When the price reaches the first target, the stop loss will be adjusted to 25 pip
Advantages of this method
So during the month we entered 15 deals
Of them 10 profit deals
And 5 stop-loss trades
Your net profit will be as follows
10 deals and every profit = 10%
And 5 stop loss deals each 5% deal.
It will be our net profit
75%, which is an excellent percentage

Golden Engine - Course

🔰 Golden Engine  Course   - The Best and Most Accurate 

Become A super Professional  once you Get my Course at Trading .. 
you can win and beat any Market in the Earth 
🇺🇸 Stock / Crypto / CFD / Forex
Course Contain 8 Video's 
Course length  4 : 6  Hour's
Course Take You Easily To Advanced level 
Teach You to Be Accurate 80 % and More 
we enter always Each Position with more than 5 Reason's
1 ) Volume Profile Explaining
2 ) Volume Profile + Trend's 
3 ) Volume Profile +  Advanced Channel's 
4 ) Volume Profile + Ultimate level  High & low 
5 ) Volume Profile + Ultimate level  High & low  Advanced 
6 ) Golden Engine Market Map 
7) Pair's Analysis & Trading Stratigy with Volume & High + low
8) Golden Engine Full Trading Strategy 
Now Offer - on Course Month VIP Free   

- So Why you Would Miss This Great Chance ?

The Venue

Why Join

Best And Most Advanced Chart Analysis
large Pool VIP Channel Over 100 Client
Following market always ​

Alarm Before Signal's always

Our Risk : Reward always 1 : 3 
Fastest Response 
Unique Trading Strategy

Expert's in Volume Profile Analysis
Specialist in The TC Field
More Than 5 Year's in The Market

We are only who enter trade with more thanx 5 reason's that make work very accurate

We Are Only Once  Who Publish Detailed Analysis on Every  Trade Entered  And Detailed Report Shows Why We Enter And What Validity  Basis


Follow The Market With All Detailed Update's And The 
Deal's we Entered Based On all Time Frame's Analysis 

The Target Always Equal x3 Stop loss

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